What to choose: a hotel or an apartment rental by the sea?

arendaRenting apartments in Turkey and your own style of vacation! Or a hotel ticket, as always?

V.I.P holidays in the Mediterranean at the price of a hotel standard is real!

You have outgrown mass tourism, are tired of the same type of hotel offers and deserve a holiday in your own style.
You want to relax on the Mediterranean not in a government setting, but as at home. It is more interesting for you to get to know and feel the country from the inside, and not as an outside observer.

The level of comfort in the residences is the same as if you lived in your own apartment! Throw on a robe and enter the elevator and just go down to your club, where there is:

  • Fitness Center: A gym will help you stay fit.
  • Turkish Hamam: Legendary oriental pleasure – allows you to relax anytime you want.
  • Sauna where you are unlikely to be disturbed: only a few families live permanently in the residences.
  • Summer pool: Low-crowded, clear water and beautiful evening lighting – you can swim around the clock.
  • Winter heated pool: Here you can enjoy swimming even in the cold season.
  • Massage Rooms: All the delights of a spa without leaving the residential complex.

The interests of the younger family members in the residences are also taken into account! Children can have fun with you or go about their important business – everything is provided for them. And if you are having a rest without children, the cheerful fuss of other people’s offspring will not bother you – all territorial issues have been competently resolved.

  • Favorite water slides: Own mini water park. You don’t have to travel far!
  • Playgrounds: Safe playgrounds for the little ones!
  • Mini Club! Has the weather let you down? No problem. There are complexes with indoor children’s clubs!

Play areas for older children: The residences have entertainment for all – for older children, modern play areas equipped with game machines and computer consoles.

You can save money if:

  1. Take care of your reservation in advance – we offer discounts for early booking.
  2. Renting an apartment for a long term – the longer the rental period, the less you pay.
  3. Book a spacious apartment and come with a big company.

Welcome to Turkey! We are glad to meet you!