Power of attorney execution

vekaletPower of attorney execution:
If, for some reason, you cannot be present personally during the payment procedures, paperwork in the Cadastral Office when registering property rights, you can draw up a power of attorney from a notary in the name of one of the representatives of the agency “ARBAT” or a person you trust and who will ready to deal with paperwork. It takes approximately 2 hours to issue a power of attorney. The power of attorney must be certified by a notary in Turkey.

When granting a power of attorney, consider the following:

  • – By issuing a power of attorney, you get rid of an extraordinary trip to Turkey for paperwork.
  • – When applying for TAPU , you must be fluent in Turkish. Otherwise, you will need to be accompanied by an official translator.
  • – Be sure to give power of attorney to truly professional real estate agents or lawyers.
  • – When buying real estate, if necessary, issue a power of attorney to conclude subscription agreements for connecting electricity and water supply.
  • – When issuing a power of attorney, it is not recommended to make a general power of attorney, since this type of power of attorney gives the right to receive a loan in your name or to sell your property.
  • – When issuing a power of attorney for someone, keep in mind that his name and surname will be indicated in all documents, including TAPU, as he will act on your behalf.
  • – A licensed translator must be present when concluding a power of attorney.
  • – Due to the fact that both the translator and the notary are independent from the transaction, it is impossible to provide their own translator or notary.
  • – The procedure for obtaining your TAPU is included in the free after-sales service provided by our agency. But for this you need to issue a power of attorney for the representative of the agency.