Information About Turkey



Turkey is a unique country. It attracts a growing number of foreign tourists by its unique culture, historical places, monuments, and splendid natural beauty. Here is the only place where you can see a wide variety of Roman cities, majestic Istanbul, mysterious Pamukkale, springs of water with healing properties, as well as legendary Troy and Cappadocia. Of course, this is only a small part of what this country is popular for. Wonderful Mediterranean resorts Alanya and Antalya are becoming the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.

For more than a decade vacation in Turkey has been associated with high-class service and at the same time moderate prices. However nowadays not only fans of beach rest are going to this sunny country but also those who want to buy real estate here. Turkey is a picturesque region. This country connects Europe, Asia and Africa. People of this country became the heir to the richest ancient civilization, while developing their own original way.

No less interesting is the geographical position of Turkey. Mild climate and access to natural resources are the reason why crowds of visitors come here throughout the year. Thus, everyone sees in Turkey exactly what is attractive for him.

For tourists the most significant advantages of Turkey are the cleanest sandy beaches stretching for many kilometers, warm waves, 300 sunny days per year, shopping and trips to places of interest. At the same time the most important thing is the affordability of tours.

The largest and most famous resorts in Turkey are:

  • Antalya;
  • Alanya;
  • Mersin;
  • Belek;
  • Konya;
  • Izmir;
  • Kemer;
  • Pamukkale;
  • Uludag;
  • Istanbul.

However, the most popular among the Russian-speaking population are Mersin, Antalya and Alania.

The Turkish lira is the national currency of Turkey. In large resorts dollars and euros are accepted. Despite the worldwide financial crisis, this country is actively developing. In 2011 it managed to gain a foothold in the second place in terms of economic growth. The indicator of Turkey was 8.7% (only China outstripped Turkey). The country’s GDP grew by 17.8% and reached $772.3 billion. As for the average per capita income, it reached the pre-crisis level and was $10,444.



Experts confirm that investment forecasts are getting better every year. Increased activity of tour operators and air carriers will invariably affect the increase in investments. Furthermore, there is an increase in the population of the country (it reached the figure of 70 million people). This factor significantly affects the growth in property prices, as in some areas of the country on the real estate market demand exceeds supply. All this gives grounds for confidence in the favorable economic prospects of real estate in Turkey. If you are interested in buying modern residential real estate for living or further profit, be sure to consider different options for buying apartments, luxury penthouses and villas on the seaside.