Apply for a Residence Permit

Convenience and simplicity of applying for a residence permit is an advantage for choosing property in Turkey.

Real estate acquisition in Turkey, regardless of its cost, is already a reason to obtain a residence permit in Turkey.

The applicant for a residence permit must own real estate or his/her spouse must own it (marriage certificate should be provided).

Parents who are in the charge of their children or children under 18 can also take advantage of the opportunity.

Long-term residence permits are handled by the police departments at the place of the property.

Documents to apply for residence permit:

  • Photocopy of Property Ownership Certificate (TAPU)
  • 4 recent color biometric photographs, undamaged, size 3×4
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) (you can get it from Internal Revenue Service or at the tax office at the place of registration)
  • Statement of a Turkish bank account (ONLY the Turkish bank) confirming that the property owner has 6000 U.S. dollars (or an amount equal to the cost of living – minimum 500 U.S. dollars for each month of residence)
  • International health insurance for the whole period of residence in Turkey (note: health insurance should be issued only on the territory of Turkey)

The process of obtaining a residence permit usually takes from 14 days to 2 months.

Good news: few years ago the applicant of a residence permit was required to stay in Turkey for the entire period of the process and personally receive the documents. Now this is not required. When the documents (plastic card-visa) are ready, they are sent by mail to the address of your property, where your agent (authorized delegate) will be able to receive them.

According to the new standing rule, on the basis of real estate acquisition a residence permit can be issued for 2 years (instead of 1 year as it was before). After 2 years it can be extended. Please note that the rules have changed and nowadays there are only 10 days (instead of 15 days as it was before) to prolong (extend) your residence permit until the date of termination of its validity. Violation will lead to the necessity of repeating the entire procedure for obtaining a residence permit ab origin (from the outset).

If a foreign citizen has a property in Turkey and has a residence permit in Turkey, members of his family may also apply for a residence permit. Thus, for a residence permit can apply the owner’s spouse, parents in charge (pensioners) and children under 18. All the other relatives (children over 18, parents, brothers and sisters) can apply for a residence permit only if the owner has Turkish citizenship.

Also, according to the new standing rule, if you want to include your under age children in your residence permit, the apostille should be on their birth certificates.