After Sales Service

After signing a sales contract, we will offer you a variety of services that may interest you.

Utility contract

After buying an apartment in Turkey, new owner must get water and electricity meters reissued. Our company can help to prepare and execute all the papers and documents. Moreover, we are ready to assist in the conduct of the Internet and telephone line. If there is a problem, we can contact the relevant service that eliminate the breakdown. Note that only owners with a resident permit can install telephone lines.

Repair of the purchased apartment

Buying a new apartment in a new building is always a good idea. In this case there is usually no reasons to worry about the old plumbing or not renovated rooms. Buying an apartment on the secondary market are often in need of repair, which is complicated without knowing the Turkish language. If you need a high-quality repair without unnecessary disorders, our company can offer you our services in communication with a team of artisans. Everything will be done quickly and qualitatively, and you will be satisfied with the results.

Cleaning the apartment

In everyday life different situations can happen. The previous tenants have not cleaned the apartment before a hasty departure, the previous owner have forgotten to turn off a refrigerator or water, etc. In any case, we can solve this problem. Just contact us and tell us about it.

Rent of space

Not everyone buy an apartment in Turkey in order to live there. Someone regards this as a profitable investment by renting the house. If you want to buy an apartment with ArbatHomes, our experienced experts will help you to rent it.

Car rent

Turkey is a wonderful country with old traditions and famous sights and attractions. But visiting the most popular places of interest will be really hard without a car. Therefore our company offers any help to find a comfortable, powerful and (what is the most important) affordable car for you to rent it and to travel around the city.

Interior of apartment

The interior of the apartment always plays an important role. But without Turkish language it would be difficult to put the dreams about an ideal home into life. To prevent this our company ArbatHomes can help you with buying furniture. Our staff will show you the stores with high-quality and affordable furniture. And, of course, you can always choose furniture sets with our help. Thus, in a short time you will have a fully furnished apartment.

Insurance policy

In order to avoid unforeseen situation many people prefer to take put insurance. We can offer you our help to apply for automobile insurance, health insurance, life insurance, property insurance.

Transport services

If you have any problems with air tickets or with transfer from the airport, call us and we will solve this problem in minimum time.


Company ArbatHomes offers services a skilled attorney, who will conduct a transaction for sale and purchase of any real estate in Turkey.

He will also carry out a check of ownership in TAPU for:

  • Lien on mortgage;
  • The presence of debts;
  • The presence of actual ownership of a particular object.

Of course, as a mandatory step, a license for construction, a construction plan and an acceptance certificate will be checked.

The next step is an agreement between the seller and the buyer that indicates the cost of the object, the term of sale and conditions. After that the passport is translated and certified to submit documents to the Cadastral Authority.